The AOI TYO Group has heralded, “making the world into a brighter place through the power of creation”, as our corporate purpose.


Company values are of utmost importance during uncertain and complex times. Notably, corporate purpose forms the foundation of a company’s transformation.


We believe we have a social responsibility to make a positive difference for our customers, employees, business partners, creative partners, shareholders, and other stakeholders through original ideas and experiences that move hearts.


Underlying this purpose, as a company that designs emotional interfaces, we will create new value and continue making changes to connect all communication interfaces—such as contact between companies and people, society and people, and among individuals.


We believe doing so will lead to improved corporate value for the AOI TYO Group, and make it possible for us to make all of our stakeholders happy.

“Made possible because we are creators.” This passion will be firmly instilled in us all, as we continue to take on challenges, so we humbly ask for your support.



Representative Director & Group CEO

Yasuhito Nakae