As part of the process of planning, creating and managing video content, we at AOI TYO Group recognize that we have a public duty to protect all personal information that we handle, across all of our business activities, to protect the rights of all individuals concerned, and to comply with all legislation applicable to personal information. We have established a privacy management system in order to put the following policy into practice, and pledge that we will do our utmost to improve the relevant system on an ongoing basis, while continually keeping track of factors such as the latest trends in IT, shifts in public demand, and changes in the business environment.

1.  We will only obtain, use and provide personal information insofar as is necessary to carry out legitimate business activities, recruit employees, and manage personnel. We will take steps to ensure that we do not handle personal information in any way that is not necessary to achieve these stated objectives.


2.  We will comply with all laws and regulations, governmental decrees, and other conventional standards concerning the protection of Personal Information.


3.  We will take reasonable security measures to guard against risks such as personal information being leaked, lost or damaged. To prevent such risks from materializing, we will allocate management resources, in line with current business conditions, to continually improve our personal information security systems. In the event that any such risk does materialize, we will take measures to rectify the situation immediately.


4.  We will respond promptly, honestly and appropriately to any complaints or inquiries regarding the handling of personal information.


5.  We will review our personal information management system as and when necessary, and make improvements on an ongoing basis, in line with changes in the environment surrounding the company.


We will distribute copies of this policy to all employees to ensure awareness, and will include this policy on the company website, in pamphlets and in other relevant media, so that it is readily available to anyone at all times.

AOI TYO Holdings Inc.

This policy was enacted on January 4, 2017

This policy was last modified on January 1, 2018