March 14, 2017

TOKYO-- Our group company AOI Pro. Inc. has begun offering its Original Serviced Edition of “VR Dream Match™ Baseball” following improvements made to the prototype edition announced in September 2016. 
VR Dream Match™ Baseball is a virtual reality (VR) program that recreates the pitching of baseball players to provide a real baseball experience. The opinions of more than 600 people who have used VR Dream Match™ Baseball at exhibition events in Japan and other countries have been used in the upgrade of the program and the device in the Serviced Edition.

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An even more realistic program structure

The program has been reconstructed by the group company DIGITAL GARDEN INC., a post-production, with an emphasis on “precise graphics,” “real pitching motion,” and “pitching trajectory and rotation incorporating physical calculation.” 
15 new pitching varieties have been added for users to experience, including the split-fingered fastball, the hop (a pitch that appears to rise up), and a 200-km/h fastball produced by physical calculation. Supervision of pitching trajectories was provided by Data Stadium Inc., a company that offers sports data acquisition and analytical services.


Development of “Impact-equipped Mitt and Bat” using haptics

In order to create a more effective experience, the “Impact-equipped Mitt and Bat” has been developed, which raises the touch-feedback in the mitt and bat from “vibration” to “impact.” Development incorporated haptics*1 research findings from the Embodied Media Project*2 by a research group at the Graduate School of Media Design at Keio University with cooperation from associate professor Kouta Minamizawa. 
The Impact-equipped Mitt and Bat is scheduled for use in the model at upcoming exhibition events.

*1 Technology in which cutaneous feedback sensations are experienced when the user exerts power, vibration or movement, etc.
*2 A project to study the creation of new physical experiences using technology


Customization for further expansion to suit customer needs

The provision, lease and sale of four models of the Serviced Edition with different specializations that can be customized to suit customer needs will be available.

  1.  Cooperation model for player improvement
  2. Exhibition event model
  3. Lease model for event and amusement facilities, etc.
  4. Distribution model for online game platforms and Internet cafes, etc.

There is also a plan to offer the sale of content naming rights and collaborative options for advertising inside VR spaces (stadium signboards, images on the batter’s eye screen, etc.). 

Most users felt some sense of fear at the experience of catching the “1st pitch,” and there were even some who said that their shoulder hurt when they missed the ball. The development team viewed this as being a key proof that “an experience in a VR space can move the heart.”
Efforts will be made to provide experiences that move the heart by proactively utilizing Group resources in connection to “content using the latest technology, including VR/AR/MR, IoT and AI, etc.,” which is the strategy of AOI TYO Holdings.


About AOI Pro.

Since its establishment in 1963, AOI Pro. has established an industry-top level position in Japan for video productions centering on TV commercials. In addition to more than 600 commercial productions every year, AOI Pro. has been proactively working on feature films and dramas in recent years. As a 100% subsidiary of AOI TYO Holdings, the Group has the resources required for everything from planning to direction, production, 3DCG works, and the latest equipment.



About Data Stadium

Since its establishment in 2001, Data Stadium has been acquiring, storing and analyzing data from the J-League, Professional Baseball, and the Rugby Top League, etc., and has been providing solutions to strengthen sports organizations, teams, clubs and players, and to improve tactics. Data Stadium also offers new ways of enjoying sports by providing fans and the media with a variety of data and entertainment content utilizing this data.

The Embodied Media Project in Keio University Graduate School of Media Design

This project aims to create future media technologies that record, share, enhance, and even create the kind of experiences that humans have through their bodies. By studying embodied informatics in human interaction, this project designs embodied experiences that entertain, enchant, and empower humans.


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