May 10, 2022


Tokyo - AOI Pro., Inc. (Head Office: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Hajime Ushioda; hereinafter "AOI Pro.") and Nomad Editing Company, Inc. (Head Office: California, USA; CEO: Glenn Martin; hereinafter "Nomad"), a long-established North American post-production company, co-founded Ampersand Inc., a production company in Santa Monica, California. The company began full-scale operations in May 2022.

Ampersand Inc. is a joint venture between AOI Pro., one of Asia's top production companies with international bases in China, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia, and Nomad, an established North American post-production company with offices in Los Angeles, New York, Austin, London, and Tokyo. Glenn Martin, the current President of Nomad, has been appointed Chief Executive Officer. Phillip Detchmendy, who previously worked at Tool of North America and RSA led by North American master filmmaker Ridley Scott, has been appointed Managing Director (MD). Jennifer Gee, who served as Executive Producer (EP) at Partizan, Serial Pictures, will assume the role of Executive Producer.


Background and Objectives for Establishing a North American Office

1. AOI Pro., an industry leader in global production, founded Ampersand with a strong desire to provide optimal production solutions in North America, the world's largest film market. By combining AOI Pro.'s expansive Asian network with Nomad's North American and European networks, both companies can expect to benefit from this partnership.

2. Ampersand will support creators and artists who seek to work in the global market by offering opportunities and providing new value to films in the North American market.

3. To respond to the media mix in the global market, Ampersand will provide optimal solutions not only for rich content but also for digital and Social Media content. In this day and age, it is necessary to respond to multiple channels, which makes it imperative to appoint creators who meet the latest trends. A partner in the United States will be of great value in meeting these demands.

4. AOI Pro.'s slogan, "AOI MAGIC!" expresses the company's desire to "create as many moments as possible where films bring magic into the world."
To deliver excitement and new experiences to places outside Japan, AOI Pro. will actively develop personnel with international communication and technical skills on the global stage.

(From the left) CEO of AOI Pro.: Hajime Ushioda, Nomad President: Glenn Martin, Managing Director of Ampersand : Phillip Detchmendy

Please see each company’s news releases for more details.
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