October 19, 2021


AOI Pro. Inc. (hereafter “AOI Pro.”), a company with business centered on commercial film production, has collaborated with TREE Digital Studio Inc. (hereafter “TREE”) and Hibino Corporation (hereafter “Hibino”) for a music video. TREE conducts planning and production for digital editing, computer graphics, and extended reality as well as equipment rentals and studio operations. Hibino designs and installs audio and video systems as well as provides video and audio services for concerts and events. The three companies came together to film a music video for the new song “Naki Jizo” from the multi-talented artist Vaundy, employing in-camera VFX virtual production technology using high-definition LED displays. The video was released today.




Previous shoots involving background composition included challenges such as the necessity to perform and shoot using backgrounds like green screens while imagining how things would look after composition. It was difficult to grasp the full visual picture using this method. Furthermore, it required long composite editing times after shoots.

In-camera VFX LED virtual production is a method of filming that installs high-definition LED displays throughout a studio to project photorealistic, three-dimensional computer graphics created with Unreal Engine onto a background. This method is actively used in Hollywood film productions. Shooting in an immersive space has advantages like making it easier for actors to perform and for light to blend with subjects. It also allows filming beyond the limitations of season or time of day and the use of elaborately planned, constructed sets. Because the location does not need to change, in-camera VFX is one filming-method that serves as a solution under present conditions in which the COVID-19 pandemic makes traveling difficult.

Real-time rendering technology can be used not only for shooting films but also in live streaming. High-quality compositing is possible, and the technology can offer the audience a unique experience.

The music video for Vaundy’s new song “Naki Jizo,” produced using this technology, has been released today.



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