January 15, 2018

TOKYO--AOI TYO Holdings Inc. (TOKYO:3975), which provides a wide variety of creative services for advertising and video, including the largest television commercial production business in Japan, has invested five million US dollars in Spiral Ventures Asia Fund I for the purpose of expanding its business in the Asian market.

Since being established in February 2013, Spiral Ventures Pte. Ltd. has utilized its global and diverse human resources to conduct investment in Southeast Asia, while maintaining strict risk management and compliance, including the acquisition of a Registered Fund Management Company license from the Monetary Authority of Singapore. The company mainly invests in start-up companies in the early to growth stage in Southeast Asia and India, areas which both have high target rates for economic growth, and aims to improve the corporate value of its investment outlets by providing management advice, opportunities for business matching with Japanese companies, and assistance for starting or expanding their business in the Japanese market.

AOI TYO Holdings positions this investment as one of its growth strategies for its solution business(*) and overseas business, and aims for further expansion of its overseas market by establishing early relationships with Asian venture companies with a high potential for growth and building a framework for cooperating with our investment outlets. This is expected to also involve business expansion that leverages the knowledge that the AOI TYO Group has in the fields of advertising and video production.

(*) Solution business: This business provides methods to solve the issues clients face. It utilizes technology, knowledge, and resources gained from producing advertising videos in Japan to produce all types of content including VR, AR, and MR, as well as collecting and analyzing data, and designing stories that reflect data analysis.

Fund Name: Spiral Ventures Asia Fund Ⅰ
Fund Format: Cayman Islands fund denominated in US dollars
General Partner: Spiral Ventures Asia Ltd.
Investment Manager: Spiral Ventures Pte. Ltd. 
Members: Operating companies and institutional investors, etc. in Japan and Singapore
Investment Outlet: Mainly IT companies in the early to growth stage in Southeast Asia and India

About AOI TYO Holdings Inc.

Representative Representative Director, Chairman & CEO Hiroaki Yoshida
Representative Director, President & COO Yasuhito Nakae
Established January 4, 2017
Capital 5 billion yen
Business A joint holding company established through the management integration of AOI Pro. Inc. and TYO Inc. which plan and create advertising content
URL http://aoityo.com/en/

About Spiral Ventures Pte. Ltd.

Representative Yuji Horiguchi
Established February 2013
Business Fund Management (Venture Capital)
Employees 4 in Singapore, 2 in Jakarta, 2 in Tokyo
URL https://spiral-ventures.com/?lang=en



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