Content Production Business

Production of various video content for domestic and overseas advertising, post-production business and xR content production

AOI Pro. Inc. / Japan

TYO Inc. / Japan

TREE Digital Studio Inc. / Japan

Directors Think Tank Sdn. Bhd.  / Malaysia, Singapore

Over The Moon / Indonesia


Shanghai Kuiyou Advertising Ltd. / China *

Ampersand Inc. / North America

C3Film Co.,Ltd. / Japan

tko Inc. / Japan

Tagpic Inc. / Japan *

Communication Design Business

Providing omnidirectional execution from video, to digital solutions, PR, events, spatial design, and more in the advertising / marketing solutions domain

Field Management Inc. / Japan

xpd Inc. / Japan

K&L Inc. / Japan, China, India

Rabbit’s Tale Co., Ltd. (Rabbit Digital Group Co., Ltd.) / Thailand *

MAZRI Inc. / Japan

Mediator Inc. / Japan

Field Management Human Resource Inc. / Japan

* Equity method affiliate